Today a post about music! Because everybody loves listening to good music. It is so nice to play music while cooking dinner, while folding laundry or to dance together. I don’t know if it happens to you too, but we realized that we were listening to the same music all the time. It’s like everything else, you get into a habit where you can’t think about different stuff to listen too. So we decided to do something about it and we created Two Song Tuesday.

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The idea is this: both Joe and I pick a song every Tuesday to share with the other. It can be which ever song we like, we just discovered, or somebody told us it was good, or maybe we think the other person will like it, etc. The idea is to introduce to each other new songs from new singers or groups to make our play list grow!

We normally “celebrate” Two Song Tuesday after Ramona is asleep, after we ate dinner and washed dishes and got our stuff ready for the next day. It’s kind of an end of the day hang out time. We lay down in bed, we connect the good speaker to our laptop and we listen to the chosen songs. Each Tuesday one of us goes first. We either explain something about the song, who it is from, why we chose it, etc., beforehand or sometimes we just listen to the song and then we can talk about it.

It is such a nice feeling to lay down, close your eyes and just listen, listen to the music! Even if sometimes it’s hard for our minds to disconnect and not think about anything else but the sounds of the song, it’s a good practice!

We’ve learned 3 things (after only a few editions):

  • Using good speakers makes a big difference.
  • The second time you listen to a song it’s even better!
  • It’s very interesting to listen to the song first without watching a video, imagining what the singer will look like. You can get really surprised afterwards when you see they don’t look at all as you imagined (this happened to Joe with Lucas Graham. He imagined a big black guy, and, if you know him, he is not really any of those things).

We made a play list on our youtube channel. We will keep adding 2 songs after each 2ST edition. You can listen to it here.

Fortunately for you, we have not trademarked Two Song Tuesday (yet). So, find someone you love, turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and enjoy the music.