We are ready for another big move!!! Tomorrow we fly from Barcelona to Amsterdam, to settle in the capital of The Netherlands for a year!

Well… I guess we are ready! We are doing it, but we still don’t really believe it! We have been trying to enjoy as much our summer time in my hometown, with my family, etc. And we still feel like we just moved back from Mozambique (which actually was not that long ago, less then 3 months ago!). So we are kind of in a blur!

We are excited but at the same it is hard to start again from 0. We don’t know anybody there yet. We only have an apartment for the month of August (to look for a permanent apartment from there) and that feels pretty stressful to me, especially seeing how the market works and the prices!!! But I try to be positive and think that we are going to find something that works for our family!

I am excited about riding bikes again!! The plan is to get a bakfiets (see picture below, my dad riding in Gainesville), like the one we use to have in Florida! It was perfect to ride around us a family!

We are also excited about settling in our new place (once we have it…) and getting into a family rhythm and establishing new traditions. For the last 3 months we have been all over the place, packing and unpacking, visiting family, traveling, … and it’s great but we are ready to slow down and settle down! Simple things like cooking new meals, having all our clothes organized, buying candles and plants, or having pancakes for breakfast every Sunday, are things we are looking forward to.

We will keep you posted ;)