Before moving to Nepal I remember googling “Waldorf School Nepal” to find out if there were Waldorf school options for us there! Living in rural Nepal doesn’t give us the opportunity to attend a Waldorf school. But while I was in Kathmandu I had the oportunity to visit “Tashi Waldorf School” and I want to tell you about it!

I contacted them and they quickly welcomed us to visit their school. Ramona and I spent one morning with them an we both really enjoyed it!

Tashi in Tibetan means “all that is good”. In 2000 Tashi Waldorf School was stablished by two Waldorf teachers. They started with 5 children from the government orphanage. They were looking for donations from all over the world to be able to help more and more children in need. They targeted underprivileged children that couldn’t afford going to school.

Nowadays they have a nursery, two kindergartens and classes from one to four. There are 55 children studying in the school, 11 teachers, 3 kitchen stuff, 1 guard and 1 office administrator.

The main building holds class 1, class 4, nursery, two offices and a library. In the grounds are classrooms for class 2 and 3, a caretakers building, a traditional Nepali house and a kitchen.

On April 25th 2014 an earthquake, marked 7.8 on the Richter scale, devastated Nepal. Many buildings collapsed or were damaged beyond repair. Many of their students lost their homes and now live in tents in temporary camps. The foundations of the Tashi Waldorf School house were largely affected and, after an extensive survey, the building was sadly been deemed unsafe. In response, the community worked hard to build two temporary kindergartens in the outside space and the school management brought forward the long term plan to move the school to a tranquile and calm piece of land on the greener outskirts of Kathmandu.

However, without funds to invest in a new location, the children and teachers of classes 1 to 4 have no option but to continue lessons in their condemned building. They hope that their strict earthquake drill procedures will suffice until enough support is raised.

The Library.

The Playground.

The kitchen could use some fixing.

And the bathrooms too…

The teachers make all the pretty toys by hand!

They really are doing an amazing job, offering such beautiful and empowering education with so little resources. They are given the freedom to play, discover, and develop naturally without pressure.

Though culturally diverse, the majority of the children attending Tashi Waldorf School come from disadvantaged homes. Their parents work as carpet weavers, construction labourers, and in other manual jobs. Many of the families have migrated from rural areas in search of a better life. Employment opportunities are scarce for those possessing little to no training or skills, and families are forced to live on the margins of society in poor conditions.

Tashi Waldorf School uses a curriculum which integrates the principles of Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) education with the culture and traditions of the Himalayan region to create an educational experience that is meaningful and relevant for the children.

Each day the children receive a multivitamin supplement, nutritious snack and lunch, as well as medical, dental and vision care and clothing if needed.


If you would like to help Tashi Waldorf School and its students you can make a donation. Any amount would be gratefully received! You can donate through this webside to “Children of Nepal”, the organization that runs the school. You just need to specify the amount you want to donate and that you have not received goods or services for this donation.

With the money they would be able to hire a school bus, redo the bathrooms and fix the kitchen. They also need money to sponcership students coming from families in need. You can help a nepali kid have a better and brighter future!

Thanks for reading and for helping to the extent possible!