Living in Nepal makes us feel like you are obligated to do some kind of trekking. This is an amazing place for it, with the beautiful and spectacular Himalayas! We started looking into going to an organized 4 day trekking trip from Pokhara, but finally we decided we were going to organize it ourselves and stay in our district. The idea of 6+ hour car rides with the kids again seemed like a lot and didn’t excited us that much…

So, we got together with some friends (4 peace corp volunteers living in our district and some Nepali coworkers too), we rented a jeep that took us half way to our destination, and then we hiked all the way to the end of our district, to this super remote village named Syauliwang.

We thought living where we live was very rural and remote, but it was nothing compared to our weekend destination!

We left Friday after an early lunch. We squeezed in the jeep, plus 2 motorcylces. We didn’t know how the roads where going to be so we didn’t know how far they would drive us. After a 3 hour drive, with a stop to eat dal bhat (rice and lentils), and a few river crossings (because the road was blocked by a landslide), we loaded up our backpacks and started our hike.

The trails where beautiful, going along the mountains, through the forest, following up the river, the air was getting cooler, it felt so peacful!

It was a constant switching backpacks and carrying kids in different ways but we made it work. Ramona walked some, she also went in the basket, on the shoulders and Galileo too, in the carrier, on Joe’s shoulders, etc. So grateful for friends helping out too!! It takes a village!

After about 3 hours walking, with some mandatory breaks to eat snacks and swim in the river, we reached our destination! Having no expectations of what it would look like sure made for a big surprise upon arrival. The village was located in a beautiful valley, surrounded by green mountains with terraced rice fields.

There are no “hotels” per se in Syauliwang, so our friend Kuber arranged for some housing. Basically, some spare rooms in mud houses run by a family which also had a small restaurant. Cost per person per night (including meals) was about four dollars. How’s that for a deal?

The town was really cute, very different from what we are used too! The houses where very rustic, built for the cold weather, with low ceilings and small windows. Because Syauliwang is not accessible from the main areas of the district by road, building materials are more scarace - most houses are made of dirt and most roofs were made of straw.

The next morning, some of us ventured to attempt to climb to the highest point in Pyuthan - a mountain ride at about 3600 meters - while me and the kids wandered around town, making new friends and petting all the animals.

During that weekend it was the town’s festivals, so we got to enjoy some music, dancing and singing from the locals. It was really quite the show! Lots of dancing, singing, and adult beverages.

Can you spot Galileo in there?

Swimming in the cold river was one of the most memorable moments of the trip for me. Seeing Ramona get in the ice cold water and Galileo so happy throwing rocks in it! The best!

The next day we had an omelette and some tea, packed our bags and got ready to hike back!

We finnished the day back at our house, with a bonfire, mo-mos, well deserved cold beers and even roasting some marshmellows!!!

And the awesome video Joe put together, so you can see how cool our hike and the town were!