Hi everyone!

After almost 2 months living in Amsterdam, we are mostly settled and we can say we really like this city!

Here is how life looks like here:


We found and apartment in the Oud-West part of town that we love! It a 2 bedroom apartment, with a nice living room area connected to the kitchen. It’s on the 3rd floor without elevator (which is super normal for Amsterdam, and we are lucky because the stairs are not as crazy steep as they could be for Amsterdam standards!). We really like the neighborhood too! Very close to the Vondelpark, close enough to the center and with a lot of families, parks and a variety of restaurants and stores!


We go everywhere by bike! Amsterdam is not that big of a city, and pretty much everything is 5 to 15 min away by bike! We can also walk to the store or to some parks around the apartment.


There’s so much to do in Amsterdam! And especially for a family with kids! I feel like every restaurant or store we go has a little corner with books and toys for Ramona to be entertained with, which she loves and it’s great for us! There are very cool kid-friendly cafes where moms can go and have a cappuccino while the kids play with the toys or in the playground connected to it! We really like the “Kinderkookkafé” where kids can prepare their own food! Ramona loves making ham and cheese little croissants or cookies.

There are so many parks!!! And they are all different and so cool!!

And many little farms around the city!


She is settling fine! She likes riding around with the bike (if the trip is not longer than 15 min ;) ), she loves discovering the different parks and playgrounds! She is talking so much, mostly catalan, some words always in english and some mixed up words she mixes up mixing catalan and english. She says she speaks “Catales” (Català+Anglès, English in Catalan).

She didn’t like preschool that much so we decided she may not be ready for it (she liked it but wouldn’t deal well with the fact that I had to leave and she had to stay on her own…) So we are looking for other activities instead like dance class, swim class and a toddler playgroup! This city is full of resources!

Ramona enjoying a “babyccinno”!!

She is dealing much better with the rain than me ;) She doesn’t mind getting all wet!!

Looking tiny in her big girl bed!

Baby boy

He is growing strong and healthy! 24 weeks already!! We found a midwife center that is going to follow my pregnancy and deliver the baby, got our health insurance and a “Kraamzoorg”.

A “Kraamzorg” is a medical service in the Netherlands that provides postnatal care in the initial 8 - 10 days immediately after birth. A professional caregiver comes to your home on a daily basis to deliver this care. This includes: Medical checkups for mother and baby and follow-up discussion of any concerns with your midwife; Helping to initiate and assist with breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding; Teaching the entire family how to bathe, dress and feed the new baby; Helping any other children at home become comfortable with this newest family member. Isn’t this an amazing idea!?

Another cool thing about the Dutch health system is the “birth box”. It’s a box that your insurance sents you home with all the stuff you will need if you decide to give birth at home. Read Esther’s post “here” if you want to know more about it!


We’ve been trying hard to make new friends in Amsterdam. Getting into different Facebook groups (really helpful, actually), talking to parents at the park, inviting new friends over, etc. because we know how important it is for our happiness to have people with whom to share experiences and life with! We feel lucky that our neighborhood is full of young and international families like us! We’ve already meat a couple Catalans, and even a Dutch couple that has a daughter that was born the same day as Ramona! So cute too see her making new friends too!

We also feel very lucky having already friends in Utrecht (a city very close to Amsterdam). The other weekend they invited us over and we had the nicest day, apple picking in a beautiful farm and grilling burguers in their back yardom in the evening! Thanks Caitlin and Tom ;)