On May 29th 2019, Ramona turned 4. Four times around the sun! And this year she did it in Nepal!

It was a very especial birthday this year because I feel like it really was the first one she really understood, anticipated (we made a calendar to count down the days until her day!), and was asking for specific gifts!

Since living in Nepal means we see goats and chickens everyday, Ramona has gotten used to sharing more time with animals and knowing more about them, and she really has become an animal lover (at least, much more than before!!). She was asking for a baby goat for the longest time, so we decided that that would be her birthday gift! Even though we have to leave soon back to Catalonia, we thought it was a good idea to experience the responsabilities and fun that comes from taking care of a baby goat (and its mama!).

So, on her birthday we made french toast for breakfast and we lit a candle so she could ask for a wish, and as we predicted, she asked for a baby goat!! Then, Joe went outside and brought the baby goat we bought for her inside. You should have seen her face of surprise and excitement! She said, “how did she know!?!?!”. It was very sweet to see her so happy! She named her “Cleta” and her mother “Neta”!

Many of you have asked, what are we going to do with the goat once we move back!? And no, we are not taking her home (altoght I think Ramona would love that…). We are going to give them to our neighbors. The goats sleep in our neighbors shed now, and that was the deal!

In the afternoon we invited everyone we know to Ramona’s Birthday Party! From 4 pm we were outside in our yard, friends and neighbors came over, we played with ballons, made bubbles, danced to some fun music and had some snacks (bananas and peanuts for everyone). Galileo was the dancing star! He surprised everyone with the best dancing moves (go see the video at the end of the post!).

Ramona had the best time! You could see her enjoying herself, sweating and dancing, singning and laughing, and that was the best! To see her so happy, just filled my heart with joy!

Wearing the same crown I made for her on her first birthday (with changeble numbers and ajustable size)!

Around 7 pm we served dinner: Vegie momos, fried chicken, carrots and cucumbers and prawn chips for everyone! Thanks to Suman, the best cook in Pyuthan, for cooking all of that! And then it was time for cake!

Not having an oven at home meant that we had to order a cake. Ramona asked for a chocolate and strawberry cake. And it needed to be big because we had so many friends coming over! So, it turned out to be the biggest, fanciest cake they ever made in Pyuthan, apparently! Everybody loved it!

When it came time to blow at the candles on the cake, she got really quiet and she waited a long time. Then she said “since I already have a baby goat I don’t know what to wish for”.

Then she waited some more. Then she said “I wish for my mom and dad to always be happy”.

Really. She said that. It was so sweet. Sweetest girl ever.

Here is the video I make every birthday to summarize her year.

During this year, she went twice to the US and once to Canada, she started school in Santa Coloma, she went to Berlin to meet her cousins Arthur and Lucy, she spent a very cozy and catalan Christmas, and then we moved to Nepal and travelled to Thailand!

New countries, new places, new friends and new adventures, but same Ramona: smart, curious, sweet, funny and brave. We love you baby girl, we will always love you!