On May 29th 2018, Ramona turned 3. Three times around the sun! And this year she did it in the city she was born: Gainesville, Florida!

We celebrated twice while we were there!! Before travelling we talked to her about her Birthday party, and how she would turn 3 while in Gainesville, etc. So the first day we got there she asked “Am I 3 now??” She was so excited to turn 3 that we started celebrating her birthday 3 days ealier so she could say she was 3!!!

The first Birthday party included a little chocolate and strawberry cake, a lot of naked babies and a lot of swimming, Ramona wearing her fairy dress and fancy shoes (when not naked), a lot of old friends and even a new friend (my super friend Michelle had a baby 2 days before the party and they CAME to celebrate with us! They are the best!)

Plus, Ryan (the dad of the 2 days old baby!!) organized a Fairy Hunt around the Thomas Center. All the kids joined the fun! It was very cute to see them excited finding fairy dust on the brunches of the trees, pretending they could jump higher because of it, finding little lost treasures from the faires! Such a perfect activity! Thanks again, Ryan!


The sweetest family of 4 !

And 2 days later we celebrated again, with more family, a delicious carrot cake by Mimi, at the Cypress & Grove Brewery, where there was entertainment for everyone (beer and pool table for the adults, and popcorn, blueberry lemonade and corn hole for the little ones). Everybody had fun, but especially Ramona, opening gifts and sharing lolipops with all her “American friends”

These two, the cutest little friends!

And now she is a big 3 year old !!!

Finally, the video I put together of her 3rd year of life! A year with a whole lot of dancing, jumping, biking, talking, and with the big addition to the family, Ramona becoming a big sister!

Birthdays are always emotional for me! (If you want to see Ramona’s first birthday post here, and second here) Looking back at the past year, seeing how much she has changed and learned! And it always seems that it can’t get any better but it does! We love you Ramona, we will always love you!