At the end of August my parents drove all the way from Santa Coloma de Queralt, my hometown, to Amsterdam (about 1500km) and stayed with us for 10 days! They helped a lot bringing some of the stuff we couldn’t pack in our suitcases and moving to our new apartment! They even took a trip to Ikea with me to buy all we needed for our new home (and knowing how much my dad dislikes going to Ikea, they deserve a big THANK YOU!).

First dinner at our Amsterdam apartment. Pizza, of course!

We did a lot of walking around the neighborhood, the Vondelpark, trying out different cafes and restaurants and discovering the city together. While they were here the weather was amazing, with bright skies and perfect temperature. Right when they left it feels like the summer was over! So they got lucky this way!

Picnic at Vondelpark, like the locals!

We also did some tourist stuff like walking around the canals in the center, eating kroketten and bitterballen (typical Dutch snack food) and the Dutch pancakes: pannenkoeken.

We took a day trip to visit Volendam and Zaanse Schans, two beautiful touristic destinations close to Amsterdam (about 30 min by car). We really enjoyed the landscape out of the city, so rural, green and flat, full of cows and little farms. So idyllic and peaceful. Here are some pictures:

And a video that Joe did of my parents visit :

I hope you like it and makes you want to come visit soon !!! :D