Happy New Year Everyone!! 2019 is going to be full of adventures, for sure!

Here is the update:

After spending Christmas together in my home town, Joe left to Nepal. We are going to join him in 2 days!! He has a new job managing a tuberculosis project in Western Nepal. The plan is to live there for about 6 months but it is all pretty flexible! So, we’ll see!

We are travelling to Kathmandu on Sunday. It’s a 6 hour 20 minute flight to Doha plus a 4 hour 20 mintue flight to Kathmandu. My father will be travelling with me and the kids, and he’ll stay for a week with us discovering Nepal for a bit! That will be very helpful because flying with both kids on 2 long night flights by myself could have been very hard… So I am very thankful for that!

Right now I am finishing packing our stuff! Basically clothes, medicines, toiletries, school supplies, and a few books and toys. I still need to decide if we are taking our travel crib for Galileo! We are trying to pack light because once we get there, we still don’t have a house, so that means it will be a period (hopefully short) of transition until we settle in to our new live there! Plus, we have learned that whatever we don’t have with us we can buy there!

The idea is to live in Pyuthan, a little town on the western part of Nepal. It’s in the “hills” region: very rural, and very pretty.

A lot of people have asked me “No et fa mandra marxar?” (“Is it hard to leave”?), “Do you really feel like moving again?”. And I know, for a lot of people this kind of life we are living the past few years, moving every 6 to 10 months from one place to another sounds crazy and scary and exhausting! It is not for everyone! And most provably we are not going to always live like this. But right now, that’s what we want to do! Joe got the opportunity to work for this amazing project and we talked a lot about it and finally decided that we do want the adventure!

We like traveling and discovering new places! Our kids are still young! Ramona is in school and likes it but she is also excited about what she calls “mama school” (I am going to be home-schoooling her these months) and I am pretty excited too, to be honest! She is still so little and as a stay-at-home mom and teacher, it feels hard for me to not be the one spending the most time with her! It’s going to be a challenge but I am happy that we have the opportunity to do it!

We know it is not going to be easy! Changes are always scary and hard! If we want easy and comfortable we would stay where we are, because we have a very good life right now! But we decided we want adventure and that’s what we are doing! We don’t know where we are going to live, we don´t speak the language (that’s the part that I feel the most lazy about…), we don’t know what our day to day is going to look like in a few months, what our dinner will taste like or what our neighbors will be like, but we do know that we wanna be together and we want to do this!

We will for sure miss our family and friends here, but our home will be as it is when we decide to come back, and there’s always going to be time to be in my hometown again!

We have so many good memories of our time in Mozambique, for example. It was insanely hot there, and there were mosquitoes that could kill you, but there were also amazing beaches, and great people, and Ramona running barefoot in our yard, and so many precious moments that we wouldn’t change for anything! And this time around, Galileo will turn one in Nepal, and take his first steps there, and we will discover new villages together, and try spicy foods and who know what else!!!

That is the magic of traveling! A big world to discover out there and we are ready for it! Will you follow along?