Last week we had our first visitor! Kelli (Joe’s mom, Ramona’s “Mimi”) came all the way from Florida (a more than 38 hour trip) to spend her spring break with us. We loved to have her and show her around! And it was very sweet to see Ramona and her grandmother together, walking holding hands, reading books, at school, … after so many months!

We spent a few days in Swaziland, at Hlane Royal National park. Discovering wild animals and enjoying the beautiful nature around us!

Then we went to Macaneta, a beach close to Maputo so Kelli could see the Indian Ocean!

The last days we spent in Manhiça, in our house, Kelli getting to know our friends and town. We walked to the markets, to the river, bought (lots of) capulanas, and even hiked to our friend’s machamba (plot of land where he grows his vegetables), crossing the river and walking back with a bag full of sweet potatoes and some sugar cane!

It was great to have Mimi with us! So nice to have somebody come to remind you of how different our life is now! And she had a great time too, right Mimi?

Here is a video of the best moments together:

Who wants to come visit next??? ;)