After 3 weeks living Mozambique I think we kind of have a routine. I’ll share with you what our day to day looks like here. I am sure it’s going to change with time but for now this is what we do.

We wake up around 6-6:30 every morning, more than an hour after sunrise! Ramona too, she sleeps through the night, most nights (yoohoo!!). At 6:30 we meet with our friend Andrew and maybe somebody else that wants to join for a 30 minute run. One day Joe goes, the other day I go! Then Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do our family workout in the yard (soon a post about that).

Before breakfast I collect the ~30 mangos that fall from the trees during the night. Breakfast consists of either oatmeal, cereal or french toast, plus fruit (mango, yummy little bananas or apple) and coffee for us and milk for Ramona. Joe goes to work around 7:30-8, which is a 3 minute walk from home. Me and Ramona go out to the market to buy whatever we need for lunch and we run errands, before it gets too hot. These days it’s pretty hot at 9 in the morning already though!!!

She is such a good helper!

Three days a week Nati comes in the morning to help us around the house. Nati is what they call here, a “empregada”. As a foreign family living here the expectation is to hire a woman to help with the house, mostly to wash clothes since there are no washing machines here. She is very sweet with Ramona and does an amazing job washing clothes by hand! I don’t know what we would do without her.

Joe comes home for lunch around 12. We normally eat all together. Then Ramona takes a nap, Joe goes back to work and I work on the blog, study Portuguese, read, etc. Those are the hottest hours, even inside the house (we don’t have A/C, only 2 fans) some days it’s so hot that you don’t feel like doing anything. So it’s nice that it coincides with Ramona’s nap time! She sleeps for about 2 hours or so. Then we play in the house, read books, paint, have a snack, etc. until about 4-4:30 when it starts to cool down and we go out in the yard or the street to play outside!

Lately, the neighbors across the street have become very good friends with Ramona! They love to play with her and she loves when they come over! They have these cool cars they built themselves and they let her play with them. Ramona shares her sand toys and her books with them. It’s a win win situation!

At 6 pm Antonio comes to our place. Antonio is our guard/gardener. Like I said about the “empregada”, it is also the expectation to have a night guard, for security. It is not that we live in a very dangerous neighborhood but it is true that there are some thefts, and, because we have such a big yard, it’s very useful for us to have somebody that takes care of it. He rakes all the leaves and does a very good job keeping the yard nice and clean! Ramona loves him too, he is such a nice and happy person. He stays until 6 the next morning.

Antonio’s family came over for dinner one night.

We have dinner around 8 pm, with Ramona. She eats the same stuff we eat lately (I will write more about food in another post), which makes it easier and fun to share meals together. She takes a bath, Joe reads her a story and goes to bed before 9 pm. We try to go to sleep before 11 pm but you know how it is… there’s always something we want to do or somebody we want to hang out with! We always sleep under the mosquito net, Ramona too. It’s very important here to prevent mosquito bites and therefore malaria and other diseases.

Somebody asked what we do for fun. So far, what we enjoy the most is to go on walks, explore different parts of town, go to the street markets (there are a lot of them) and do stuff with friends. We are so lucky that there’s already this big community of foreigners, mostly Joe’s colleagues, that has included us in their activities (dinners, yoga, weekend trips, …) from day one.

Somebody else asked how we get around. We mostly walk everywhere! Joe’s work is one block away, the “fancy” bakery is 5 minutes away and the closest market is about 10 minute walk, for example. Ramona walks for a while, then I carry her in my arms or on my back with the baby carrier, no strollers here. Some streets are paved but some are just sand! When we need to buy water, bigger or more stuff we take a tuk-tuk (a kind of small 3 wheeled taxi, that Ramona loves, I don’t know why!). And soon we will have a car!

Ramona in the tuk-tuk, ready to go.

OK, I think that’s enough for today! I hope you got an idea of what our days look like in Mozambique! So many things are so different from life before, but it all seems so normal now!