Here we are! In Amsterdam! In a provisional apartment while we try to find something that suits our family! Not an easy job!!

The trip was great and easy. We are loving the city so far! So beautiful and full of bikes! So quiet and green! We got bikes already, with a back seat for Ramona that can go on either bike! Not a bakfiets yet! We will consider it once we settle down.

Another nice thing is the temperature. It looks like our endless summer is coming to and end and we were ready for it, after 3 summers in a row!!

17 weeks today ;)

Joe made a video of our trip. The last moments with family and friends in Spain, the farewell at the airport, some flight moments and the first views of Amsterdam summed up in a video! It also includes how we found out if our second baby is a boy or a girl!! What do you think? Do you wanna know? Here is the video ;) I hope you like it :D

Tot ziens!