On January 21st, 2020, Galileo turned 2. Two times around the sun! Two beautiful years of love and chaos and laughter and silliness!

It has been such an interesting second year of his short life! Spending the first half of it in Nepal and the second in Catalonia. Learning to walk in rural Nepal and starting talking in rural Catalonia. Taking a family vacaton to Thailand. Travelling to the USA to spend Christmas with his American family. He sure has seen a lot this year!

On his birthay we invited my family over for an early dinner and cake party at our place! I got the crown that I made for Ramona’s birthdays (see Ramona’s second Birthday party here) ready with the number two for Galileo!

He really enjoyed blowing the candles on the cake! So much that he did it like 4 times! It was just wonderful to see his reaction and amusement! Such a little bundle of joy, this Galileo!

For the cake, we followed the same reicipe we did for Ramona’s second birthday (her idea!).

Ramona was such a little helper, excited for the party, although a little jealous that it was not HER day…

We love our Galileo! He is such a happy, friendly and enthusiastic kid! He loves his tractors and cars, he likes to ride his bike and motorcycle, he likes to observe his big sister and learns su much from her. He likes to sing “Let it gooo” with such passion, likes to call people “tiny!!”, dance and run. He sure is a wonderful little boy!

And here is the video I like to make on their birthday, to sum up the year leading up to their birthday! Hope you like it!