On January 21st, 2019 Galileo turned 1. One year being a family of 4, of Ramona being a big sister! It may have not been the day I imagined for his first birthday, but it sure was special!

The day before we travelled from Pokhara to Pyuthan, which was a 9 hour car ride through crazy windy roads with both kids and all our stuff, and an amazing driver that drove us safely to Jumri (Pyuthan district), Nepal! The day went as good as it could go but it still was exhausting! The next day I woke up with a bad cold and I had to be in bed most of the day. But Joe, Ramona and Galileo went on some walks to explore our new home town.

People when they see us here they are mesmerized! They stop what they are doing and stair at us! We are the first white poeple in town for a long time, apparently! Everybody wants to hold Galileo and take selfies with him, and he seems to not mind it!

In the afternoon, before sunset, we decided to throw a little party for Galileo! We grabbed a plate, we put some cookies and cut out oranges, we stuck a candle (that I got in Pokhara beforehand) in one of the oranges, asked for some matches at the hotel, grabbed the 3 ballons I had in my bag (I always carry ballons with me while travelling, great entertainment in aerports, etc.) and went out to find a good spot for it!

I also had the crown I made for Ramona’s birthdays (see Ramona’s first Birthday party here) with the number one for Galileo! He didn’t want to wear it much but there are still some pictures with him wearing it!

We sang the song for him and Ramona helped him blow the candle, which surprisingly kept re-lighting!

He enjoyed his cookies and oranges!

With the time to do that there were a lot of people around us, especially women and kids, that had stopped and enjoyed the celebration with us! We shared chocolate and cookies with them, the kids played with the ballons, they passed Galileo around and we had a nice time together. Even if we couldn’t talk much, everybody was happy and it was really sweet!

And here is the video of the first year of Galileo in this world, with him looking so tiny at the beggining, a lot of love form her sister, a lot of laughing and travelling around the world! Lucky you Galileo, you have a family that loves you SO much!