First of all, a little update: After a month and a half living in Santa Coloma de Queralt, we feel settled and at home. We love our house, we really enjoy living in the center of the town, being so close to everything. Ramona is in preschool 5 days a week, and she likes it and enjoys it every day more! Galileo is growing strong and smilling a lot. He is such a good little boy.

During Spring break, Mimi (Joe’s mom) and Vinny, came to visit us, and here are a bunch of pictures of the fun stuff we did together.

We spent a lot of time at the plaza, at the park, did a few hikes, enjoyed the begining of the spring weather, with a few days with too much wind, but overall, a great week!

Our bakfiets is a big hit in Santa Coloma. Everybody talks about it because most of the people haven’t seen one before!

Mimi came prepared to teach Ramona some of the American Easter traditions! We dyed and decorated eggs and did an egg hunt, which Ramona really enjoyed!

Mimi and Vinny got to experience a “Calçotada”, a Catalan onion craze which includes eating “calçots” dipped in a delicious sauce.

With the best crew!

On Easter day, Mimi braided Ramona’s hair how she used to do with her daughters, and that was the most commented thing! Everybody loved the braids!!

Maria, as Ramona’s Godmother, got her the cutest Mona!

Galileo got a little Mona too, but he was not very into it! Ramona quickly said “but Galileo can not eat Mona” and offered herself to eat it ;-D

And here is a video that Joe put together of some of the best moments of those days!

Thank you Mimi and Vinny for coming, for being our first guests in our new home and brining so much joy to our family!

See you soon!!