Happy New year everyone!!!

It’s been a while without writing!! Life has been nice for us for the past 2 months. We’ve had a lot of visitors staying with us, from Spain and from the States, which is always a lot of fun!! But we are glad to have a few weeks of just the 3 of us before the baby comes, so we can enjoy each other’s company and get ready!

We spent Christmas in Amsterdam (because I was too pregnant too travel) and it’s been again, very different (last Christmas we were in Mozambique, which didn’t feel much like Christmas at all). Different because neither of us were really “home” so we kind of improvized our own Christmas celebrations, with some Dutch, American and Catalan traditions all mixed up!

Here are some of the highlights of our Christmas Holidays:

  • Ramona’s Open Dance Class

She did a great job, enjoyed it and made us feel so proud of her!

  • Baking lots of cookies

With the best little helper!

Which means, eating lots of cookies too (and other Christmy treats)

  • Enjoying the city

Riding around Amsterdam, showing our pretty city to the visitors it’s always a great excuse to visit new things and take cute pictures! Amsterdam is always a beautiful city but especially with all the Christmas lights and decorations, it makes the city even more charming!

  • Ice skating

First time for Ramona and she LOVED it!! She was talking about it for weeks! When we first saw the ice skating rink at Museumplein she already wanted to try, but me being pregnant and haven’t done it for years didn’t seem like a good idea, so I told her that she could try it when Mimi came! And that stuck in her head and she kept talking about it until we did it! She was not afraid and by the end of it she even wanted to go on her own! We did it at the little rink at Rembrandtplein, which was smaller and more kid-friendly. Perfect for beginers!

  • Multicultural meals

We tried to include some Dutch foods for the Christmas day dinner, like lots of good cheese, yummy potato cakes and these beautiful tulip snacks that Kelli worked so hard to make!

Stamppot, typical Dutch dinner.

Dutch pancakes for brunch.

And the most anticipated tradition!!

  • The Caga Tió

Ramona was practicing the song for weeks, to the point that she could sing it perfectly on Christmas day! She was the only kid so she got to poop the Tió so many times!!!

If you don’t know yet about this awesome Catalan tradition go read about it here.

  • Playing cards

That’s something I really enjoyed. Every night, after Ramona was asleep, we would gather and play cards together, from Jungle Speed to Poker games, while eating all the chocolate! So fun!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and enjoyed time with family and friends like we did!

And now, for more adventures to come in 2018!! Baby boy coming soon! We will keep you posted!