Olá!! Here we are, after more than a week living in Mozambique now we can say we like it here. Even if, like the tittle of the post says, this is a totally different world, we will be happy here!

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Where to start. One of the first things we’ve noticed is the pace, the rhythm, everything is kind of slower. People are not in a rush, they know how to wait and how to do nothing. This is really shocking, coming form a society where we are always running from one thing to another, with a super long to do list, with no time to relax, just work. I feel like here people walk slower, they talk slower, they take their time to ask how are you and how is your family before asking whatever they need. You can see, when it’s really hot, for example, people sitting under the shade of a tree taking a break, just watching the others walk by.

Because I’m not used to it, I sometimes find myself feeling annoyed, thinking “come on, people!”. But at the same time it’s kind of nice and it helps us to take it easy too. And it’s especially good with a baby. Ramona is at an age where she loves exploring and it’s so good for her that we can give her the time to observe and to take it all in. I think it’s a very good skill to learn, to slow down, and this place is really helping us.

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The weather is another thing that effects us a lot here too. We are currently in spring. It’s going to get much hotter!! The temperatures now goes from around 36℃ (97°F) during the day to 21℃ (70°F) at night. There have been some really hot days when it’s already humid and nasty at 10 in the morning, but then it normally cools down in the evening.

There have been some rainy days too, where it’s raining almost all day, but it’s nice because when the rain stops the temperature is really perfect out. So I am trying to organize our days according to the weather a little bit, going out in the yard early in the morning, playing in the house midday and going back out to explore before the mosquitoes in the evening!

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Caption goes here The Incomati river that goes through Manhiça.

The sunrise now is at 4:50 in the morning!! 4:50, people!! That means we’ve been up by 5 several times, because our baby doesn’t know that she should still be sleeping, because it’s bright outside and our curtains are not thick enough! Not fun… we keep saying that we need to go to bed earlier, like they do here, but it’s been hard… We still need to work on adjusting our schedules a little bit.

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There’s much more I wanna share and I have a few posts in mind. But I would also love to know, what are you wondering? Which questions do you want yo ask us about all this? I will love to hear them and I will try to answer them in the following posts ;)

Also, a very good friend of ours, Andrew, just moved here too!! And he is sharing his experience on his blog. So if you wanna see Manhiça from another point of view, go check out his blog.

Ah, and a video of some moments of the first few days around town.

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