Last Sunday we went to the market with a purpose: to find a Mozambican mom to teach me how to wear Ramona on my back like they do! And, even though on Sunday most of the stands are not open, we found a sweet mom of an 11 month old that was willing to show me how.

They use these big and colorful fabrics called “capulanas”. They are used for so many things here: to wear as a skirt, to carry things around, and especially to carry babies! They are fantastic, strong, come in so many different colors and patterns and that’s what you see all women wearing all the time!

And to carry baby dolls!

I kept seeing all the moms carrying babies like this, no strollers at all! Young babies but also little kids, being carried around with just a cloth and a knot. I carry Ramona most of the time with the Boba Baby carrier which I find very comfortable for both of us, but I felt like I needed to try the Mozambican way!

Ramona tried it out before me.

And I am so happy I did. This mom was so nice! We asked if we could take a video and she agreed. We had a big audience! A lot of other women looking at the process and laughing (especially when the back of my dress got tucked under the capulana).

It was easier to set up and more comfortable to wear than I expected! I do have to say that after a while it was a bit less comfortable. I think that with a smaller baby it would be much easier and more practical. Ramona is getting so big! Even I got surprised when I saw the pictures afterwards. Wow, I have a huge toddler, not a baby anymore!!!

The good thing too is that you can slide her to the side and wear her on the hip!

Overall I feel like it was a great experience! To realize that you only need a big cloth to have free hands while taking care of your baby! And now every time I see a mom carrying her baby I know how that feels and I feel more connected to them! It may sound silly but it is part of learning a new culture, living in a new place, trying their ways of living!

And here a short video tutorial! I hope you like it!

Have a nice week!