We took a one-night trip to Bilene, a town by a calm and clear lagoon, just an hour from home, to celebrate my 30th Birthday!! Joe, Ramona, me and Djer (our neighbor from across the street and Ramona’s best friend in Mozambique).

It was a last minute plan, and we were lucky to find a place to stay because most of the hotels were booked. It was also a last minute decision to take Djer with us! He always talked about how he had never gone to the beach, how excited he was about to go one day, asking me to show him pictures of the beach, etc. So, on Saturday morning we talked to his mom and she agreed. He quickly packed his bag and join us for the trip! Ramona was so happy and entertained with him, and he was more than excited with the whole experience!!

Djer had never had pizza before either. Not that we needed an extra excuse to get some, but since there is no pizza place in Manhiça, and since Joe was almost as excited about it as Djer was about the beach, we searched out Bilene’s pizza joint. We ended up at a restaurant we really liked. It had great views, space for the kids to play, a big library with all sorts of books, a cool ambiance and yummy cheesy pizzas. Perfect evening with the ocean breeze!

On Sunday we did more of the same: beach and pool!

On the way back we stopped at this big street market to buy some fruit (no mangos!). So beautifully arranged that you just wanna buy everything!

This weekend was fun in so many ways: spending time with my family, a lovely beach, the perfect temperature, good food, nice people. Way too many mosquitoes at night, but nothing is perfect. It was especially good to be able to share it with our new friend! To see him get so excited to be at the beach for the first time, jumping in the water with the biggest smile, making up a “pizza” song while waiting for dinner to be ready… All those emotions and excitement that sometimes, as adults, we forget… kids make us realize and appreciate more. The good things in life!

And here is a short video of the trip: