Soon I am going to become an aunty! My sister is 38 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait to meet baby Teo. Being away from her while in Nepal, knowing that she was pregnant with her first baby, was hard! But it gave me time to think ideas and prepare her baby shower!

We got together at my grandma’s patio, at 6pm, to enjoy some crafts and treats together. Maria’s friends were invited, and also family. We got organized so people would bring things to eat and drink. Here is what we had:

To eat:

  • Cut out fruit (watermelon, mango and bananas)
  • Chocolate crispies
  • Apple tart
  • Little chocolate puffs

To drink:

  • Fresh orange juice
  • Mint lemonade
  • Coffee

Then, knowing that my sister was not very into “typical baby shower games” and more into handcrafted stuff, we worked on 3 activities together.

The first one was making flower crowns with natural flowers. All we needed was:

  • Flowers and foliage
  • Green tape
  • Wire
  • Scissors and wire cutters

I kind of showed them how to make one and everyone worked on their own little creation! They turned out beautiful!

She was not the only pregnant one!

Everyone enjoyed the yummy treats, even the little ones!

Once every one had their flower crown ready we moved on to the next crafts. Some of us made colorful bracelets with thread, remembering the summers as little girls, making friendship bracelets of all sorts of colors and patterns!

The rest sat down and concentrated to work on some cute but hard to make elephant origami to creat a cute mobile for the baby’s room, like this one:

To decorate the patio, I hung some felted rainbow flags that I got in Nepal and some baby pictures of Maria and Jose, the future parents, so we could see what baby Teo is going to look like!

Some other simple ideas to add to a baby shower’s fun:

  • Birth day calendar: Design a calendar, marking the baby’s due date, so everyone can write their names and try to guess what day the baby is going to be born!
  • Wisdom book: a little notebook for the baby shower guests to write some words of encoragment, love and advice for the new mother to read after the baby is born.
  • Birth Bracelet: the idea is to make a bracelet with differents beads, so every guest at the shwower chooses one, and later the future mother wears it and can feel connected to her girldfriends everytime she looks at it and need some encouragment!
  • Mama’s guiz: the baby shower organizer will ask the future mama some questions beforehand about her personal preferences and memories like “The last country I’ve visited was…” or “One thing I would really like to learn to do is …” and then prepare a little quiz for her girldfriends to see who knows her better, adding 4 optional answers, to choose the right one for each questions. The person who gets the most answers right will get a little prize!
  • Meal train: organize home-made meal giving for the new parents. Every guest can sign up for a day, after the baby is born, to bring the new family a nurishing meal, so they don’t have to worry abot cooking and cleaning that day!

Baby shower full of women and some little ones too!

Mother and mother-in-law didn’t want to miss the fun!

It was a very relaxed and beuatiful shower. We all had fun and spend a great afternoon/evening with people we love learning to make things with our hands. What could better than that?

Love you tieta Maria! You are going to be an awesome mama!!