When we first moved to Amsterdam 6 months ago (August 2017) our idea was to come and stay for 1 year. Joe needed to take some classes for his PhD at the University of Amsterdam and we decided to move the whole family and try the Dutch life style for a while! We were always open to the idea of staying longer or shorter, depending on how we liked it!

We have really enjoyed our time here! Amsterdam is a great city. Not too big, very kid and family friendly, with so many cool parks, cafes and restaurants! We especially love the bike culture!! There’s bikes everywhere! Everybody ride their bikes, to work, to school, … It’s so easy and save to ride around the city, with great bike paths that makes it so easy to do! Bikes are aslo so simple but comfortable which makes it even more fun! That’s what we are gonna miss the most!

The weather here is not that great though! And we knew that before hand. But it has been our major complaint the last months, not because of the cold, but the rain! It rains so much!! And that means that everyhting is always wet and that you rearly see the sun! And that was hard to embrace for us.

But mainly, the fact that we were having a second child, and that Joe finished his classes already so there was no need for us to stay in Amsterdam per se, we decided it was time to go!

We started thinking of the option of moving back to Spain, to my hometown, to be close to my family and the idea made sense! We could be spending much less in rent and life in general (Amsterdam is much more expensive, compared to rural Spain), have my parents and sister close by which means more help for me, and we always wanted to have a home base, and Santa Coloma de Queralt feels like the place that makes the most sense for us.

So, here we are, about to move again! From Amsterdam to Santa Coloma de Queralt.

We will for sure miss this cool city, our nice apartment, our hip neighborhood, the beautiful parks, some good friends we’ve made, the yummy cheese, the big variety of delicious breads, and most of all the bikes!!

But we think that’s the best decision for our family! We are excited to have lived this experience in Holland and to have the oportunity to settle (don’t know for how long… you know us!!!) in the town where I grow up!

We will keep you posted ;)